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Pastors Sending Mixed Messages

Pastor Gary Hamrick

Family Research Council
Pastors Sending Mixed Messages





Gary Hamrick, Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, Virginia, reminds Christians to occupy until Jesus Christ returns.

"These are all Biblical issues.  I haven't left my lane.  Those with opposing views and values have jumped the grassy median strip and come into OUR lane, and tryed to hijack the narrative on social and moral issues.  As if a godless generation can tell us what is right and wrong"

Follow the science vs biology of only having 2 sexes, my body my choice vs forcing people vacine.  Pastors who don't want to get too political.  Bonhoeffer talked about Hitler.  WIlberforce spoke on slavery.  This is Biblical!  Abortion, marriage, all lives matter.

Assyrians domination by intimidation.  Northern Kingdom

Babylonians dominated by assimilation.  Southern Kingdom.

Daniel not impressed by distrussed, not seduced by what Babylon had to offer.  Daniel never forsook his God, never bowed to king, never bow down to culture, knew who he was, who his God was, never waivered.

Babylon has come to US!  Will we be conformed or transformed?

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