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Online Apologetics Resources

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Basic Material
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Online Apologetics Resources     

Intermediate Material

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     (Cincinnatti/Dayton Area)

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Learning Videos

Section 1 God's Existence

The Story Of Reality

No Evidence God Exists

Is It Possible To Know God?

God And Mathematics

Leibniz' Contingency

Half Full Moon

Section 2: Science

Science Or Religion?

Fine Tuning Of The Universe

God, Technology Or The Truth?

The Kalam Cosmological 

Church Windows

Section 3:
Philosophy & Theology

Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?

Is There Meaning To Life?

Conversation Under Pressure

Definitions Matter: Truth

Who Did Jesus Think He Was?

What's Your Worldview?

So You Just Became A Christian

The Moral Argument

Are You Tolerant?

Is The New Testament Reliable?

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Books on Apologetics
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Books On Apologetics
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Books On Apologetics
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Apologetics Apps for your phone


STR Quick Reference.webp

Stand to Reason's Quick-Reference App summarizes the information you need to know about Christian apologetics, being an ambassador for Christ, other worldviews, ethics, and many other important topics through text and video, equipping you to engage in thoughtful conversation about the key issues of life from a classical Christian perspective.

Apple Iphone

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Cross Examined.webp

The Cross Examined with Frank Turek app will help you stay up to date with some of the best arguments for the existence of God, the reliability of the Scriptures and the truth of the Resurrection.

Cross Examined.webp
Got Questions_edited.jpg
Got Questions_edited.jpg

This application has over 7,200 of our most frequently asked questions about the Bible organized by topic, with a built-in search function, the ability to bookmark articles for easier future access, automatic downloading of new/updated articles, and the option to ask us a question if the answer to your question is not already available in the app.


Reasonable Faith.webp
Reasonable Faith.webp

Our free Reasonable Faith application gives you access to Dr. William Lane Craig’s weekly podcasts, Q&A, articles, audio and video of debates and talks, and live-streaming, video, and audio from Dr. Craig's Defenders class.
Reasonable Faith provides an articulate, intelligent voice for biblical Christianity in the public arena while training Christians to state and defend Christian truth claims with greater effectiveness.


Case Makers Community.webp
Case Makers Community.webp

The Case Maker's Community App is a cancel-free community of like-minded believers where you can share your unique perspectives and experiences and speak honestly. Our content includes: daily international apologetics news feed, exclusive media content, monthly discipleship meetings, and weekly video updates.


(Click On Link)

(Click On Link)

Cold Case Christianity.webp
Cold Case Christianity.webp

This app helps you examine and articulate the evidence for God's existence and the truth of Christianity. It is updated daily and provides brief apologetics resources, a place to interact with other Christians, along with videos and podcasts to help you become a better Christian Case Maker!


Genesis Apologetics.webp
Genesis Apologetics.webp

Genesis Apologetics has a new mobile app! Sections include: - Did Humans Evolve? - Debunking Evolution Theory - Fossils & Transitional Forms - Does Science “Prove” Evolution? - The Age of the Earth & The Bible - What about Dinosaurs? and more... Download today!


Tecarta Bible.webp
Tecarta Bible.webp

Go deeper with thousands of free Bible reading plans and devotionals. Need help understanding a verse or just simply want to know more? This Bible app allows you, with just a single tap, to explore and study the meaning behind every verse with Study Bible and Commentary notes. Read the Bible, study and grow in your walk with God. Easily share with your friends.


SES App.webp
SES App.webp

You can have over 500 hours of some of the very best Christian apologetics content in the palm of your hand. You'll find audio from past NCCAs and other events, videos, podcasts, blogs, and more from some of today's best defenders of the Christian Faith including Frank Turek, Hugh Ross, Gary Habermas, Richard Howe, Michael Brown, Richard Land, J. Warner Wallace, and many more!


Lamb And Lion.webp
Lamb And Lion.webp

Lamb & Lion Ministries is a Bible prophecy teaching ministry proclaiming the soon return of Jesus Christ. We exist to serve the Church in its effort to win souls for Christ and to disciple those who accept the Lord.


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