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We are currently working on our selection and presentation of recommended resources.

Right now, our resources are categorized by their "method" or medium (like books, videos, websites, courses, etc.), yet wish to expand into "message" topic selections in the near future!

Stacked Books

Recommended reading curated by the Dayton Apologetics team. This selection contains timely and timeless for all readers.

Selected shorts and long-form videos by our team will sharpen and grow your understanding of the Biblical worldview and help you contrast it to the culture.

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These websites are recommended by Dayton Apologetics for research, education, and a better understanding of the Bible and our culture.

These courses listed will sharpen your skills and give you confidence when talking with others with a different worldview. Some are free but most include a purchase.

Adult Students

These recommended articles regarding current events, culture, the church, to better understanding the world around us in light of a Biblical Christian worldview.

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