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Englewood Panera Bread

Bread of Life / Stand To Reason Outpost

Nov 27; Dec 4, 11, 18 


Englewood Public Library

Case Makers

Nov 28; Dec 5, 12, 19

4th Thursdays

Victory Christian

Ongoing Monthly Team Meeting

Nov 30, Jan 25

Featuring rotating guests of apologetic speakers from around the Dayton area to learn how to engage the culture we live in. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet and talk with others interested in apologetics from a historical Christian worldview.

Focused on defining the essentials of the Biblical worldview in the context of discipleship and mentoring. Our desire is to go "from the milk to the meat," expounding Biblical theology and Bible exegesis to live in the Bible.

The Panera Ministry is designed to provide honest answers to honest questions to build bridges. We're seeking to train and equip the church on how to hurdle the language barrier in defining the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a Postmodern culture.

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