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Flowers on Wood

Monthly Meetings

For Dayton Apologetics

Held at Victory Christian Church Every 4th Thursday of the month at 2275 S. Patterson Blvd. Kettering, Ohio


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Panera Bread Every Monday at 6pm

Panera Bread in Englewood Ohio (In front of Meijers)


Past Events

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Hosted at Christian Life Center, Dayton OH

(Start Video At 25 min and 52 Seconds)

Stand To Reason University (STRU) classes Aug-Oct, 2021


  1 Why Apologetics?
  2 Ambassadors for Christ

  3 Story of Reality

  4 Truth is Not Ice Cream

  5 Are the Gospels Relieable History?

  6 Tactics - How to Garden (pre-evangelism)
  7 The Intolerable Tolerance

  8 Progressive Christianity and Deconstruction with Alisa Childers for Q&A (author of Another Gosple)

(Team attended at U of Cincinnati, OH)
I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist LIVE from University Of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Streamed live on Oct 18, 2021 Does truth exist? Does God exist? Are miracles possible? Is the New Testament True? Find out how the scientific, archeological, and historical evidence points to YES with Dr. Frank Turek. We’ll be streaming LIVE from the University of Cincinnati at 7-9 pm (ET). This is a FREE presentation followed by Q&A and is open to the public.

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