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Unity in Belief

Dayton Apologetics agrees with and supports the below Creeds ("I believe") & Statements:
1.  ~150 
Apostle's Creed
       325 Nicene Creed
       451 Athanasia Creed
2.  1978 Chicago IL Statement on Biblical Inerrancy
3.  1987 Danvers MA Statement on Biblical Manhood
4.  2017 Nashville TN Statement on Sexuality, Gender, & Marriage
5.  2018 Dallas TX Statement on Social Justice
6.  2021 Answers in Genesis Statement of Faith and challenge
7.  2023 American Pastor Project Statement
8.  2023 Truthscript Statement of Faith 
The Creeds are constant reminders of what is central to our faith.  Creeds are also boundary markers that set the rules for intelligent, creative conversation about God and His creation.  Like fences, creeds protect us from "heresy" -- choosing to wander away from the historical testimony about the nature and workings of God found in the Holy Scripture.  Dayton Apologetics also agrees with Blue Letter Bible's 

"Everyone loves Jesus until you define who He is."

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