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Christians DEBATE the Age of the Earth

Young Earth vs Old Earth

Christians DEBATE the Age of the Earth





In this video, a number of Christians attempt to answer the age-old question of the age of the earth and similarly the universe. Whether, it is young, old, or undecided. The apologists in this video are Ken Ham, William Lane Craig, Frank Turek, and John Lennox and their respective videos are linked below:  Ken Ham: Credit: @aigkenham "We CANNOT Trust These Christian Leaders Anymore | Ken Ham"    • We CANNOT Trust These Christian Leade...  William Lane Craig: Credit: @drcraigvideos "On the Age of the Universe"   • On the Age of the Universe  Frank Turek: Credit: @CrossExamined "What Does The Bible And Science Say About The Age Of The Universe?"   • What Does The Bible And Science Say A...  John Lennox: Credit: @VeritasForum "The Bible and age of the earth? | John Lennox at SMU"   • The Bible and age of the earth? | Joh...

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