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Well Versed

Well Versed
Well Versed

EVERYONE KNOWS the BIBLE SPEAKS to our personal lives, our family life, our church life.

But what about the government? What about our nation? Doe the Bible speak to those topics?

Government is found in four forms:
Personal “government” (personal responsibility and personal restraint)
Family government (structure: father, mother, child or children)
Church government (the biblical pattern for congregational life)
Civil government (communities; nations)

What the Bible says about government:
We often overlook the fact that the Bible speaks to community and national life. After all, it is God who establishes nations. It is God who establishes government.

Sometimes we tend to think (wrongly) that the Bible only speaks to personal issues, family life, church life, but somehow, God forgot about national and governmental life. That is not the case.

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