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The Stand by AFA

The Stand by AFA
The Stand by AFA

Official online and print publication of the American Family Association

The following presents the core values of American Family Association. AFA desires that these values define and drive this ministry to transform culture by fulfilling the Great Commission.

Evangelism and discipleship – AFA aims to evangelize the lost and disciple the believer.
Marriage and family – AFA aims to strengthen biblical marriages and equip parents to raise godly children.
Morality – AFA believes true morality flows from biblical principles and directs people to the manner in which God intends them to live.
Sanctity of human life – AFA upholds the truth that all human beings, including the unborn, are created in the image of God and are worthy of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Stewardship – AFA believes that its ministry, as well as everything in the heavens and on earth, belongs to God, and AFA’s role in it all is that of a trusted manager.
Religious liberty – AFA believes that all men and women, whether in private or public, should be free to exercise their faith without hindrance from the government.

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