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Ratio Christi

Ratio Christi
Ratio Christi

Ratio Christi wants to keep students strong in their faith so they can withstand the challenges they face as they go out into the world. We do this in three ways.

Arm Students With Reasons to Follow Christ
We bring faith and logic together to give students thought-out reasons for following Jesus Christ. Our goal is to help Christians work through their doubts, and ultimately share Christ with their peers.

Equip Professors with Tools to Share Their Faith
With the right encouragement, resources, and platform, professors can share their own faith with the students around them and be a light within their spheres of influence. We help provide these tools.

Plant University Clubs Nationwide and Around the World
University students are questioning purpose, faith, and identity. Our nationwide clubs provide a safe place to ask apologetics questions (and give leaders resources to tackle them with confidence).

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