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Ohio Value Voters

Ohio Value Voters
Ohio Value Voters

Protecting Faith, Family, Freedom, and the Sanctity of Life since 2007

2023 Pro-Family Priorities of a New Ohio Department of Education and Workforce
1. Removal of “social emotional learning” as framework for Ohio Department of Education’s strategic plan.
2. Removal of “whole child” initiatives, knowing this violates the interests of and relationship among children and their parents. No school has authority over the “whole” child nor should they have.
3. Serious restriction of role of school-based health clinics and school-based counseling.
No reproductive services, referral for abortion, sexual orientation or gender identity counseling, or referral to those groups. No health services or counseling without parental consent.
4. Removal of all references to safety, support, or suicide prevention that advocates or enables the high risk-behaviors associated with the “LGBTQ” identity, because these behaviors are in and of themselves, unsafe. This includes Trevor Project.
5. Removal of advocacy of “mindfulness” and meditation as stress management for teachers or students.
6. No new regulations regarding homeschooling, the families involved or activities undertaken.
7. HB 454 - SAFE Act – No private counseling.
8. HB 327 – Divisive concepts and penalties for non-compliance.
9. HB 61 – Save Women’s Sports
10. HB 12
• Open meetings – Monthly meetings shall be conducted by both the Deputy Directors of Education and Workforce. Meetings shall be open to the public for individuals to speak for five minutes.
• Televised meetings – All meetings shall be live-streamed and televised. All televised meetings shall be archived for future reference.
• Urge schools to stop doing surveys and assessments; only focus on academics.
• Senate shall have the authority to advise and dissent (remove) the Director of DEW, Deputy Director of Education and Deputy Director of Workforce.

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