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Defending Inerrancy

Defending Inerrancy
Defending Inerrancy

What's Inerrancy!?
And why should I care?

It’s been said that a table must have at least three legs to stand. Take away any of the three legs and it will surely topple. In much the same way, the Christian faith stands on three legs. These three legs are the inspiration, infallibility, and inerrancy of Scripture. Take away one, and like the table, the divine authority of the Christian faith will surely topple. These three “in’s” complement each other, yet each expresses a slightly different distinction in our understanding of Scripture.

Inerrancy is extremely important because:
(1) it is attached to the character of God;
(2) it is taught in the Scriptures;
(3) it is the historic position of the Christian Church, and
(4) it is foundational to other essential doctrines.

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