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Capitol Ministries

Capitol Ministries
Capitol Ministries

We stay away from politics and concentrate on the hearts of leaders.

The first ministry was established in 1996 to legislators and constitutional officers in California at the Sacramento State Capitol. That exemplar ministry was duplicated in many other states. In 2010, Ralph Drollinger established the first national ministry in Washington, D.C. where he began a weekly Bible study to U.S. Representatives. In 2015, a separate ministry was planted for U.S. Senators, and in 2017, a ministry was created to Members of President Donald Trump’s White House Cabinet which, reportedly, is the first of its kind in more than 100 years.

Capitol Ministries has also created discipleship Bible studies to the political leaders of 24 foreign nations on four continents.

Capitol Ministries Local Government is a fairly new endeavor that has an objective of creating ministries to the estimated 500,000 local city and county leaders in the more than 40,000 incorporated communities in the United States.

Capitol Ministries’ long-term vision is to create 200 ministries in 200 foreign nations; 50 ministries in 50 state capitols; ministries to all three branches of government in Washington, D.C.; and 10,000 ministries in 40,000 neighborhoods across America.

Capitol Ministries seeks to evangelize elected and appointed political leaders and lead them toward maturity in Christ.

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