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Learn To Think Biblically About Everything.

BibleThinker is a ministry dedicated to equipping people to think and live biblically. There are three main areas of teaching that they focus on:

Teaching accurate theology based on exegeting the text of the Bible and confronting false teachings which spread so quickly and easily in a biblically unaware world. This is accomplished through both the topical and systematic teaching of the Bible.

Defending the biblical/Christian worldview and answering skeptics. This is done both through topical videos and as issues arise in the text of a verse-by-verse teaching.

Applying the Bible……so that we can become true followers of Jesus in not only thinking right, but living right. God’s Word has more to say about how we are to live than most people realize, this ministry hopes to show people the vast riches of the Bible which is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

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