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The Believers Summit

Here I Am (send me? Isaiah 6:8)


Charlie Kirk
Lucas Miles
Rob McCoy
Allie Beth Stuckey
Megan Basham
Frank Turek
John Amanchukwu
David Barton
Seth Gruber
Eric Metaxes
Jeff Myers

July 26, 2024

West Palm Beach, FL

At this crucial time in America, the Believers Summit is not just an event; it's a call for believers to rise in unity and biblical truth with an unshakeable faith. We are committed to empowering attendees with practical knowledge and strategies to live out their faith boldly and counteract the prevailing 'woke' narratives with grace, truth, and conviction, rooted in the Gospel.

“Here I Am” is the central theme of the event, echoing a biblical principle of readiness and obedience. This theme encourages attendees to stand alongside biblical heroes of the Faith, embracing a willingness and readiness to serve. It calls on participants to cultivate a heart of service, mirroring the willingness to say “yes,” just as those who have walked before us.

The Believers Summit stands as a testament to our commitment to see the body of Christ rise to its calling in this pivotal moment in history. We are dedicated to seeing believers not just defend their faith, but to put it into action, ultimately turning our nation towards the Lord.

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