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Racial Unity a Biblical discussion of critical race theory

Summit Basecamp simulcast with Dr. Jeff Myers, Lucas Miles, & Jannique Stewart



October 23, 2021

Dayton, OH

Summit Basecamp simucast viewed and attended by a dozen attendees. Video available here and also under courses.

Contains examples to equip the saints, to mature, be careful of winds of doctrine, trickery of men, to speak the truth in love Eph 4:12-16. For all who attended in the room, great discussion and information was shared by Dr. Jeff Myers, Lucas Miles, and Jannique Stewart, MC Jason Jimenez, & amongst attendees.

Starting with common questions to properly address issue from a Biblical perspective and worldview by Dr. Jeff. A historical perspective was shared to make a distinction between the root and the fruit by Lucas (Matt 7:15-20 "you can identify a tree by its fruit"). Jannique provided additional insights and perspectives. Finally a panel discussion was facilitated by Jason.

See handout slides from Dr Jeff and watch the entire video first hand, i.e primary sources. Don't succumb to general cultural pressures "outside of the room" to judge by appearances only (i.e. bias, hearsay, inadmissible testimony). Stand on the authority of God's Word alone!

If any questions remain after viewing slides and video, please speak directly with a team member who attended.

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