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4th Thursday (October)

Apologetics & Evangelism National Conference



October 26, 2023

Kettering, OH

Reveiwed the South Eastern Seminary National Conference by member(s) of Datyon Apologetics that attended this years event in Rock Hill NC.

Steadfast Slides
Download PDF • 19.89MB

Specifically emphasis shared on: Frank Turek on "How to Defend Christianity When Culture Hates You" (summary in above slides), plus his book "Correct, Not Politically Correct about Transgenderism" & Megan Basham keynote on "How the Leftists are Infiltrating Churches and Ministries and Co0pting them for political purposes". Many similar videos are available (click prior link) and her soon to be release book.

8 Essential Facts for Effective Christian Apologetics - Southern Evangelical Seminary.

9 Essential Arguements for Essential Christian Apologetics

Oct. 13-14 Apologetics & Evangelism National Conference Charlotte NC

Featured Speakers: Megan Basham, Krista Bontrager, Monique Duson, Gary Habermas, Richard Howe, Brad Stine, Frank Turek; Eric Chabot of Ratio Christi Columbus Ohio State chapter, John Ferrer, Phoenix Hayes, Corey Miller SES Steadfast Apologetics/Evangelism National Conference

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