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4th Thursday (November)

Woke Predators in the Church: Exegesis vs Eisegesis



November 30, 2023

Kettering, OH

Bob Perry shared the "inside scoop" on his article Dancing with Wolves: When woke predators invade the sheep pen. Read his article here. Sharpen up on the distinction of Biblical interpretation Exegesis vs Eisegesis. Made distinction of Progressive Christianity vs woke(ism). Also can review Bob's 2021 Real Thing conference presentation for more to the meaning of True Horizons.

Ratio Christi free ebooks including Engaging Critical Theory and Social Justice Movement


Another related interesting "case study", but not specifically discussed case study is Grove City College "Calling out Pop-CRT on Campus", includes: 2021 Nov 10 student petition 2021 Nov 18 GCC President's response

2021 Dec 6 reply to response

2022 Feb 7 open letter to GCC board of trustees from full-time faculty 2022 Feb-Apr 13 official study

2022 Aug 31 Federalist article.

"Progressive Christians are most likely are woke, but not all woke are progressive christians"

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