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4th Thursday (August)

Shawn Higgins Ratio Christi Wright State University



August 24, 2023

Kettering, OH

Shawn Higgins of Ratio Christi Wright State University shared about apologetics and evangelism. Ratio Christi started in 2007 at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, with 2nd chapter stating at Ohio State Univesity in Columbus, Ohio. Now with nearly 200 chapters, Shawn is starting a high school apologetics group at East Dayton Christian and college age group at Wright State. Shawn was former direct of Ratio Christi at University on North Carolina at Chapel Hill (youTube, twitter). At a school well know for professors Bart Ehrman (ex-christian, progressive, textual criticism of the New Testament and a "historical Jesus" educated at Wheaton & Princeton) and Nicole Hannah Jones (New York Times journalist, 1619 Project author, from Notre Dame), there was always opportunity to train disciples to make a defense to give an account for the hope we have in the marketplace of idea (1 Pet 3:15-22). Shawn likened it to the Apostle Paul in Athens, Greece on Mars Hill in the midst of the Areopagus in Acts 17:16-34.


Team briefly discussed Arizona Christian University Cultural Research Center's (George Barna) results of AWVI 2021: What Does It Mean When People Say They Are “Christian”? (08-31-2021) and AWVI 2023: Research Identifies the Best Starting Point for Developing a Biblical Worldview (Release #02: 03-14-2023).


Can also view Shawn's debate of Molinism vs Calvinism with Alex Weber at UNC and both their genuine love for Jesus Christ below:

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