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So The Next Generation Will Know

So The Next Generation Will Know



J Warner Wallace
Sean McDowell

As Gen Z leaves the church in record numbers, the adults in their lives feel at a loss to stop the trend. Yet there are research-based and proven strategies that help young people both own their faith and effectively engage the world around them.

Sean McDowell, Ph.D., and Detective J. Warner Wallace have written and taught extensively on the subjects of culture, worldview, and apologetics. In So the Next Generation Will Know, McDowell and Wallace provide strategies and practical tactics from their own personal experiences to help parents, youth leaders, and Christian teachers train the next generation with the truth of the Christian worldview.

Each section of So the Next Generation Will Know features information that speaks directly to the various adults in a student’s life; interviews with pastors, apologists, teachers, and cultural experts; and examples of people and ministries who are effectively teaching truth to the next generation. With the right training, the young people you work with don’t have to be another statistic.

1. Love Responds - J Warner Wallace
2. Love Understands - Sean McDowell
3. Love Relates - J Warner Wallace
4. Love Equips - Sean McDowell
5. Love Ignites - J Warner Wallace
6. Love Trains - Sean McDowell
7. Love Explores - J Warner Wallace
8. Love Engages - Sean McDowell

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