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Not a Fan

From Fan to Follower

From Fan to Follower



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About the Author:

For 25 years, Kyle has given his life to serving, leading and pastoring in the church. He believes in the local church, the body of Christ and continues to faithfully worship alongside believers each and every week. Being a local pastor is one of his greatest joys. He is the senior pastor of Southeast Christian Church, in Louisville, KY where he preaches each week.

God has given Kyle a passion for storytelling. From books such as Not a Fan to Grace is Greater, God has used Kyle’s experiences, reflections and insights to encourage and challenge everyday people to see the world around them as opportunities to connect with the heart of Jesus and to see and love people one at a time.

Jesus modeled for us the way to change the world, one at a time – one conversation, one interruption, one meal, one need – but always one person at a time. Kyle’s faithfulness and dedication to the ways of Jesus have given him continued opportunities to share the hope of Jesus to people around the world.

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