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Christianity and Wokeness

How the Social Jusice Movement is Hijacking the Gospel, and the Way to Stop It

How the Social Jusice Movement is Hijacking the Gospel, and the Way to Stop It



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The "wokeness" that emerged from the social unrest of 2020 has swept through schools, businesses, and even sports. Driven by the radical ideologies of Critical Race Theory and intersectionality, it has destabilized public and private life—including the Church.

Many evangelicals have joined the crusade. Gripped by a desire for justice and rightly grieved by past evils like slavery, many pastors are preaching the woke gospel—identifying "whiteness" (an imaginary concept) with "white supremacy," calling bewildered Christians to repent of their supposed guilt for the sins of past generations.

But as theologian Owen Strachan makes clear, this is not true justice, nor is it true Christianity. While wokeness employs biblical vocabulary and concepts, it is an alternative religion, far from Christianity in both its methods and its fruit. A potent blend of racism, paganism, and grievance, wokeness encourages "partiality" and undermines the unifying work of the Holy Spirit. It is not simply not the Gospel; it is anti-Gospel.

As Strachan traces the origins of wokeness, lays out its premises, and follows them to their logical conclusions, the contrast of that false faith with the Word of God stands out unmistakably. This succinct but groundbreaking work reveals that wokeness, like other heresies, is not really new. Nor is the antidote: Christ crucified for us.

About the Author:

Owen Strachan is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Biblical Worldview at Family Research Council. He currently serves as Provost and Research Professor of Theology at Grace Bible Theological Seminary in Conway, Arkansas. He is the author of numerous books, including Christianity and Wokeness, Reenchanting Humanity: A Theology of Mankind, The Pastor as Public Theologian (with Kevin Vanhoozer), and The Essential Jonathan Edwards (with Douglas Sweeney).

Strachan earned a Ph.D. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, a M.Div. from Southern Seminary, and an A.B. from Bowdoin College. He is the former President of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Strachan is married and is the father of three children.

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