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A Christian Mind

Thoughts on Life and Truth in Jesus Christ

Thoughts on Life and Truth in Jesus Christ



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A Christian Mind presents the best of Tom Gilson's original work from his highly popular Thinking Christian blog: more than 45 fresh, original works of Christian thinking.

Tom Gilson has a way of uncovering questions others haven't noticed, leading toward answers that will open your eyes to new insights about life and truth in Jesus Christ.

For example:

* What does it mean when John the Baptist, famous in Scripture for his humility, says something that doesn't sound the least bit "humble" at all?
* Who else but Jesus ever had any kind of unusual power, yet never used his power for his own benefit? What can we learn from his unique place in all history — and even in all literature?
* Have you ever noticed the Bible never says Jesus had faith? Why doesn't it?
* Does Jesus really want to relate with us? Of course. Even while we're tempted, though, or even sinning?
* People who want to be very inclusive in their religious views treat the Cross of Christ as one of many ways to salvation. Why should it be obvious even to them that's not possible?
* Jesus was willing to leave many, many questions unanswered in his teaching. Should we be willing to do that, too?
* Genesis 1:1 is totally unique among all stories of creation. God's "I AM" statements in Exodus are, too. What does that tell us about our faith?
* Skeptics say "there's no evidence for faith." What's the true understanding of the word "faith" that makes that accusation true, in ways they never expected, without undermining true faith at all?
* What if I "identify" as a perfectly tolerant person? (Some humor in this one.)
* "Tolerance," the way the world understands it these days is a weak, wimpy substitute for a virtue. What does the real thing look like?
* Religious liberals shout that "Jesus never excluded anyone." What do they get right in that, and where are they tragically wrong?

And more...

In an age of increasing challenges against the faith, Tom Gilson's thoughts on life and truth in Jesus Christ will lead you, too, to develop your Christian mind.

About the Author:

Mr. Gilson is a senior editor with The Stream and author of six books, including Too Good to be False: How Jesus’ Incomparable Character Reveals His Reality and A Christian Mind: Thoughts on Life and Truth in Jesus Christ. He has more than 1,000 published articles to his credit, in addition to his top-ranked Thinking Christian blog, founded in 2004. Tom lives near Dayton, Ohio with his wife, Sara. They are the proud grandparents of one grandson.

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