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4th Thursday (2024 TBD)

The Changing Church with Tom Gilson


Tom Gilson
Too Good to Be False
True Reason
Critical Conversations
A Christian Mind

October 24, 2024

Kettering, OH

Tom Gilson is a local apologist and author of multiple books, including Too Good to be False, articles, and speaker at multiple conferences including The Real Thing (click for video).

With multiple decades in ministry he has been through many changes.

Church has been said to allow changing methods but not the message. Modern messages may be influenced by modern methods of a changing church. When might this cross the line?

Tom will share from his decades in ministry how to maintain integrity in ministry amidst changing tides of the times.

Read some of his many article, such as Keeping the Cookies on the lower shelf. Come join us and Tom as he shares on June 27, 2024 for some top-shelf, solid, spiritual food!

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